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Dance of the polarities. Tanz der Polaritäten.

Hello Art of Hosting community!

November I joined the AoH training in Vorarlberg, Austria and realized from the first day "I'm home!". It was like having a name for what I've been practicing and feeling since. In the following weeks I've been diving deeper into Art of Hosting accompanied by a wave of hostings and conversations that mattered. As a result of these flow and also referring to some puzzling happenings which occurred in the field after the training, a clear picture emerged, while I was having a short forest walk in the bright sun just above the thick sea of fog laying on the Rhein valley. It's about  a light dance of two polarities, and also about a container inbetween which enables transformation. The pole of trust, cooperation,..... and the pole of fear, competition,....
Transformation in a way of a great wave we love to ride on it instead of a tsunami we fear and better run to avoid.
Enjoy the picture, it's not finished yet and strives for further development.

Anyone wishing an english version, let me know and I'll add it.


Thanks to TAU magazine ( for the inspiration of the title.

Have a great day!


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