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Harvest from Ohio State University training

We spent December 14 - 16 growing our AoH community of practice at Ohio State University, now nearing 200-strong.  Three days of intense conversation and companionship, standing in the light of our mates in Columbus, and worldwide (Toke, Monica, Phil, Chris Corrigan: you were there in spirit). 

In thanks and appreciation, we offer part of our harvest to Hosts everywhere:



Come back from the fields
let them rest.

Wipe the blades clean,
untie the knots.
Let the heart be full at last.

Let the wind loose in the field
Let the ground settle
  and sigh.

There have been many harvests
    some visible, some unknown

a word, a face, the touch of a hand
    a walk across the room

Many harvests.

Some for all, some for me alone
    some for those who come after

Some will feed us now
Some will simmer, some will keep
some will be given away

Some, ungathered, will lie in the ground
the long winter over
waiting for the sun’s coming
waiting for fire to split the seed
waiting for rain,
    to grow again

unless the rabbits get there first
    and the mice give thanks, the sparrows blessing.

There have been many harvests.
More will come. 

        Art of Hosting December 2010

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