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Next week, I will host 2 groups merging together - they would like to better collaborate. We have planned 3 rounds of world cafe. The current questions for each session are:

Round 1: stories of Sales & Marketing working well together

Round 2: stories of Sales & Marketing challenging situations

Round 3: ideas for better collaboration

I would like to formulate the central question for each round better. In particular the third round.

Any suggestions?

note: Before the World Cafe, there will be 2 leadership speeches. After the World Cafe, we will do workshops of current joint projects. The audience are top managers - 20 from sales, 20 from marketing.

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Comment by Amanda Fenton on February 9, 2013 at 11:25pm

Hi Jeffer,

Great to see your question here! It might be great for you to share it out on the Art of Hosting email list so more people can see it and respond. There is information here about the list in case you haven't joined it yet:

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