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Fully EU funded courses for education staff: Apply before March 17!

Dear colleagues,
do you wish to learn new facilitation or management skills in an international setting?
Allow yourself and the staff of your education organization to inspire and refresh yourselves, your teaching and your collaboration, funded by the new EU Programme Erasmus+:

Team-Strategy: A facilitated strategy-retreat for the future of your organization. For teams from 2 to 8 members.
14th January to 18th January 2015.

Multisensual Facilitation: How to enrich your facilitation practice by addressing all your learners’ senses.
20th January to 29th January 2015.

Vision Creation & Vision Empowerment: How to guide your learners in a land where nobody has been before.
3rd August to 14th August 2015.

Hosting Innovation: How to gently push your learners’ thinking out of the box.
17th August to 28th August 2015.

Vision Implementation & Vision Empowerment: How to help your learners to achieve the impossible.
19th October to 30th October 2015.

Who can apply for the funding?
All European organisations who work with education can apply for courses for all their employees, freelancers, volunteers and trainers out of their network. (For our offers German organizations are excluded, though, as the Academy of Visionautics is located in Germany). If you are an autonomous trainer or facilitator, like many of us in this community are, you can only apply in cooperation with an organization.

What are your benefits?
-Your staff will get high quality trainings and workshops for free, including food accommodation and travel costs
-Your staff will have an amazing cultural experience, meeting colleagues from all over Europe.
-Your organization will get additional 350€ per person they send to a course.

What do you need to do for it?
The good thing about the new EU funding programme is that you only have to write ONE application with which you can fund ALL courses you want to offer to ALL of your employees, freelancers, volunteers and trainers of your network during the next one or two years. We estimate that this will take 3-5 days of concentrated work. We created a step-by-step guide to make your application process smooth and easy. Your chances of approval are good: The funding for educational exchange has been increased drastically and foresees to send 800.000 lecturers, teachers and trainers each year,  and it is the first year of this funding programme - so you will be the pioneers in making use of this opportunity.
1.You will have to hand in the application online before March 17, 12.00 CET.
2. Additionally you should make a non-binding reservation for your chosen course(s) at the Academy of Visionautics which you can confirm as soon as you got the approval by the EU.
Take the chance and good luck!
Best wishes and a great springtime

Boris Goldammer

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