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For one of our recent AoH Practice days I trained this song with a little spontaneous choir, so we could sing it together with the whole group as a check-out activity. It had a really good effect, and the participants asked to do it over and over...The good thing was the melody everyone knew, so pleople could really join in and open up to the words. After a day like this the content connection did the rest...


So here is the text for alterations and adaptations to any purpose. Try to have the original melody in your ear while you read! (Don't cry for me Argentina)


Don't cry for me "playing office"

What if it's easy, you'll think it strange,
We try to explain how it works,
We will need you all after all these events,
You won't believe us,
All you will see are some people you once knew
Acting out everything from their hearts,
To create the future they want!

We had to let it happen,
We had to change,
Couldn't stay all our lives down at heel,
Looking out of the office, staying out of the flow,
So we chose hosting,
The others running around, trying everything new,
But nothing impressed us at all,
We've never expected it to.

Don't cry for me playing office,
The truth is, we never did it,
All through our wild days,
Our past existence, we kept our promise,
So keep your distance.

Have we said too much? There's nothing more we can think of to say to you,
But all you have to do is to get up and engage in what IS true!

Words by Ursula Hillbrand
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Don't cry for me Argentina) 




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Comment by Elena Leibbrand on February 16, 2011 at 5:36pm
Wie schön, Ursula :-)
Comment by Chris Corrigan on February 15, 2011 at 3:25pm
Ooooooo...I love this!

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