The Art of Hosting


If you're new to the Art of Hosting, first of all - Welcome! If you want to learn more about the Art of Hosting, and this community of practitioners, please have a look at the Art of Hosting website. This will give you a sense of what this is about, although we know it needs upgrading!
Our basic agreements about how we interact in this online community of practice are based on the World Cafe Etiquette:
  • Contribute your Thinking
  • Focus on what really matters to you
  • Speak with your Mind and your Heart
  • Listen to Understand
  • Listen Together for patterns, insights and deeper connections
  • Link and Collect Ideas
  • Slow down so you have time to think and reflect

We hope you will find this community to be a place where you can learn and share what is most meaningful to you; and maybe find new friends - mates as we call them - to collaborate with.
If you have questions about the Art of Hosting pattern or this community, please go to the conversation space where your questions are welcome!

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