The Art of Hosting

I'm organizing an online unconference on the topic of facilitating/hosting in virtual environments, using technologies such as webinars, phone conferences, online forums etc. This event will take place as part of International Facilitation Week. Free to attend.

We have about 150 people signed up so far from 20 different countries. Would be great if you could help make connections with people in the AoH community who might be interested in this sort of stuff.

Our online sign-up page has all the details:

Hope to see many of you there!

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Tim, I noticed you also used the AoH emaillist to spread the word about this unconference. There is also a AoH Facebook group that you might use, more than 1500 members there (of course many are also on the emaillist)

With love,


Thanks, Ria. I thought someone on our team had already posted there. Let me double check.


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