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Some of you may have heard of the Group Pattern Language Project.

I recently initiated a conversation about how these patterns might possibly apply to online or virtual environments. Our group had a first call back in April, and we're about to schedule another one late August or early September.

Let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you an invite.


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Hello Tim,

great that you are taking this forward!
You might have maybe more response when you would post this message on the AoH emaillist (or even on the AoH Facebooke page).

With love,


Hello Tim,

I am interested to be on the call. Together with others I am in the process of "nurturing an online and offline network to life" (this is how it feels to me, doing this work). It is a network for journeyers, who are travelling and simultaneously focusing on their internal journey, their journey towards their purpose and meaning in life.

Since not everybody is always in one place, online hosting is a big part of this. Let me know how I can be on the call, and I will join and bring in my experience as much as looking forward to learn from you.

Best greetings,


Hi Tim,

I would be interested in learning about this since I don't know much. It would be interesting to be part of the conversation. Thank you.



Thanks for sharing group pattern language, it looks like a great resource.  Sorry I missed the conversation. 


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