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Sarah wrote a beautiful piece of reflecions on how to work with the subtle...

This is how it starts:

"I have been in alot of discomfort this week.  The body is the physical conduit for life - and my particular loud-speaker is my back, challenged by too much windsurfing years ago - but now sensitized and sensitive.  You could say I am like a ‘lightening conductor’ for impressions, frequencies, resonances and disturbances from the inner and outer field.  

The pain has been was excruciating – a nerve trapped and tapped constantly - uncomfortable when sitting, terribly painful when trying to stand – but attracting and amplifying impressions from many significant and powerful conversations throughout the week.  I have attempted to ground the intensity, not quite managing, and overloading.  This particular painful spate started a few weeks ago, then lessened after I had a chat with Jeraldene, my mentor – where I made some important realisations.  We spoke about part of my calling and work being about ‘streaming consciousness’ and that I am going through a step-change in my ability to do so; now attracting stronger and higher stronger frequencies.  I likened it to ‘live streaming’ like real-time video relays over the Internet – but I am grounding impulses, impressions and intelligence from multiple realms and bringing coherence and visibility to it.  My recalibration to higher frequencies is still in progress – yet in the meantime, my conduit is working at full capacity until which time, my ability to receive these next-level frequencies has been stabilised."

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Saw thousands of storks gathering over the Sea of Marmara on Sunday, riding the thermals to thousands of metres before heading off to Africa. They are born with the knowledge of the time and the place and the destination, each of them amplifying this knowledge and then wheeling and turning to become part of a vast host of collective knowing.

How does the silent witness within us unfold in the way that Sarah describes?

Dear Sarah, and dear all. This piece of reflection of your experience and knowing is becoming more meaningful to me and for us all. You are naming what I have often experienced, and been made feel the "disturber" or similar, to a process, when in reality I was picking up signals or frequencies, when picking them up, would have meant the real shift or innovation. My learning has been to firstly, trust those signals, and secondly, find an expression that others can follow what that those signals are coming through an individual on behalf of the whole. And as Rilke says, our sensing is never absolutely "pure", and always slightly mixed with personal sensing, however in a field of empathy and trust, that our desire is in the end serving the whole, this process of sensing, expressing what is sensed and accepting to build upon it, has a chance to be refined. In our recent Congress of integral policies in Austria more of us sensing types were in the hosting team, and were able to express what was felt and sensed. The body was used to express unease in the field, and we gave it the space to be expressed. It truly became the joker in the game. I am still busy harvesting the subtle part of the process, and will try to give it expression. Another help was a young fellow, 16 year old, who had been trained in AoH, and was actively participating. His luck is that he just goes with his sensations, and amplified the signals others were not getting so easily because of being too heavily embarked in the process, once it unfolded. My bet is the more we are able to work in holistic teams, including more and more the younger and older generations, men and women, the more we will be able to slow down, and thus becoming a true sensing organ for the whole, and hold the full potential.

Thanks for sharing your experience here Ursula! - and I am looking forward to hear a spoken report in a few days in Slovenia, at the Learning Village!


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