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This is an invitation for all present in the Circle Intensive in Belgium to share their experiences of how this intense experience has translated into your life and work.

Be welcome!

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Dear Friends in the Circle,

I recently hosted a meeting of the Brussels Toastmaster Club. (Toastmasters is an organization that promotes building self-confidence and leadership through public speaking). I chose “Circles” as the theme of the meeting and drew an analogy of the meeting to the gathering of a circle of friends and as such we are there to support each other and acknowledge the leader in every chair.  During my introduction of the speakers I asked them to tell us in a few words what “Circles” meant for them. During the course of the meeting as a filler, I told a short story which illustrated the dangers of foolish consistency or getting stuck in a downward spiral. In my closing remarks gave a positive account of how the Circle Structure of a gathering enhances interaction and participatory practice. The story was about the progress of one of our members, (who was present at the meeting) and how she has gone from being a shy guest to an active committee member who now acts as an example for us all.

Having learnt the basics of Circle Energetics I was able to experiment and subtly introduce a few reminders of circle structure into the meeting. (Speak purposefully, listen attentively and acknowledge the leader in every chair).

The Toastmasters meetings follow a specific structure and do include use of circle principles.  My challenge was to work within the current meeting framework yet also add something which I had recently learned to inspire “friends” attending to make the meeting experience more meaningful for themselves.

Being more aware of “Circle Power” and having had a chance to put it into practice I am excited about the wonderful possibilities to build further on what we have learned.

Have a lovely day,




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