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The Art of Hosting Collaboration and Interconnection, London, 15-17 July 2016

Hi friends - the next Art of Hosting training in the UK is open - hope you can join us or let your friends know!

When: 15-17 July 2016

Where: St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, London, EC2N 4AG

Register: AoH Events Page

If we are to live in a world with community, collaboration and peace at its heart, how can we become more interconnected, better at harnessing diversity and better able to be guided by our deepest inner values?

We are all interrelated, with each other and with all life. Every action affects the whole. If we take this as our worldview, how does it impact the way that we live and work? Many believe that it is only when we work from a deep understanding of our ‘interbeing’ that we will be able to evolve beyond the challenges present in the world today.

New ways of working are emerging and growing numbers of people want to move away from competition towards collaboration and peace. New skills and approaches are being cultivated. Skills that tune into and are responsive to ambiguity, diversity and emergent circumstances. Skills that foster generative conversation where diverse perspectives can collide to spark new ways of thinking and acting. Skills that invite participation and engagement in new ways, where we can tap the collective intelligence inherent in any group, system or community. Come and learn and contribute and create some new potential for yourself, your work and your community or organisation.

Hosting team Linda Joy Mitchell, Niamh Swanson, Meredith Freeman, Rowan Simonsen, Imran Arif, Amrita Bohari, Mish Trill

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I look very much forward to be back in the UK to learn and practice with you all!



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