The Art of Hosting

This was shared on the Open Space emaillist; but I found it relevant here in this group:

Dear Open Space friends,
last December I facilitated an Open Space with 140 girls (aged 11-16 years) in the city of Berlin. The topic was about politics and what girls think about it and what questions they want to ask politicians... Great event.! Very touching.
And I am happy that a film was produced that is now shown on YouTube:
6 girls produced this film!
Of course it is in German, but it gives you a glimse on how these girls were working. Very much into the process and the topic, they produced 50 report-sheets in 3 break-out sessions.. At the end you see a fish-bowl with local politicians. the questions were many.. Enjoy!
warm regards
Jutta Weimar

The context:
The sponsor was the local government of Berlin, it was specially made for girls as the initiative came from a working-group that specially is caring about the empowerment of girls. The politicians were representatives of all the political parties in the local government. At the end you can see a fish-bowl and the girls were asking their questions. The politicians gave answers but we cut them out for the film....
We tend to redo the whole event this year (maybe with boys...), we could think about not allowing politicians giving answers but just listening to the questions.... this is a great idea!!!

Jutta Weimar, Berlin

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