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From Johan in Sweden:

Hi all,
Tomorrow I will finally have a chance to take into practice in a larger(?) scale of what I picked up at the AoH training in Oslo one year back.

We were approached by the head of school about a month back to see if something could be done to connect better with their core values. We asked if we could listen deeper and see if we could meet with some more voices to hear what was really important. Change is upon them and have been expressed in a wide range from hope to fear - as it should be... But also a deep trust in allowing a process like this to be used. We landed in gathering the school around the purpose of exploring what the school could be - for the kids, the staff/teachers, the school and the larger community.

It has been invaluable to have the support from the rich resource at the web page and connections:
- Helen Titchen Beeth, dear friend, thank you for taking time and share your experience! > The harvesting part has taken a leap with your help > The design for next steps will be a call for the school to own more of the process
- The video clips on the resource pages - thank you guys for setting them up! > You hear more and more gems when listening a few times and with a design in mind
- The work book from the course is a good reference... > It sticks...

Please keep us in mind tomorrow Tuesday when we work with this school. Gladly shares lessons learned and design with whoever is interested.
Johan Tandberg
Hallo, Johan.
Thank you for sharing! I will be holding you in my heart and would love to hear what you learn. I attended a brief introduction to AoH in Madison, Wisconsin, last fall and have been sharing bits and pieces with my partner who is an elementary school teacher. I am consistently moved by what a difference it makes simply inviting people (teachers and school administrators, in this case) into a conversation about what they're really dealing with and what really matters to them. I am heartened to imagine you in Sweden sharing your heart with another school so far away from ours.
All my best to you!
Anne-Britt Orlik (som snakker bare litt Norsk)

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Hello Johan !

I am interested to hear more on your lessons learned. I am conducting new projects with schools (and youth) here in Montreal - using Art of Hosting methods - as well and would be happy to share !

Good luck to you !

Geneviève Emond


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