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An interesting discussion thread from the Social Edge Skoll Foundation forum:


This Social Edge chat seeks to explore how social innovation has been translated into action at colleges and universities globally, and why it matters.

  • How would you articulate the need for disruptive innovation in higher education?
  • What examples have you seen of disruptive (social) innovation in higher education? What are you most proud of on your campus?
  • What is the potential impact of higher education embracing social innovation, both as an approach for institutional change and as a methodology for teaching and learning?
  • How can social entrepreneur practitioners most effectively partner with institutions of higher education to achieve both transformational social and educational results?
  • How will disruptive innovation present itself in similar or different ways in different cultural contexts? What is the global opportunity for social entrepreneurship education?
  • In what ways are students driving institutional transformation through demands?

Engage with the conversation here


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