The Art of Hosting

Mark Michaels Quotes Harvest

Day 3

Doin’ the Hostin’ Rap

Things go better when children are the teachers of our work. How many adults are ready for youth mentors?

12 Principles:
People support what they create.
People act most responsibly when they care.
Conversation is the way people have always thought together.
To change the conversation, change who is in the room.
Expect leadership to come from anywhere.
Focus on what’s working. Ask what’s possible, not what’s wrong.
The wisdom resides within us.
Everything is a failure in the middle. Everything occurs in cycles.
Learning is the only way that we become smarter about what we do.
Meaningful work is a powerful motivator.
Humans can handle anything as long as we are together.
Generosity, forgiveness and love are the most important elements of community.

Our families and communities are resilient.

Four questions: Is it true? Can you be absolutely know if it is true? How do you react knowing that it is not true? Who would you be without that thought? Then turn the thought around 3 times.

Who do you serve?
“The eyes of the future are looking back at us
And praying that we will see
Beyond our own time.”
Terry Tempest Williams

Ball game learning
Borrow your neighbor’s tools.
Keep it simple.
Heads together was what worked.
Break up and simplify the system.
Find collective clarity.
Happiness is a limiting belief.

Emergence: “something that walks out of the room that didn’t walk into the room” – Chris

YaBut…. Got it!

How do you motivate educators when the world is all against them?... How do you give educators hope?... How do you give the community hope about educators.

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