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Until now I sent out a doodle for each call. While this worked it requires a a bit of admin work and has led to repeated confusion about related to time-zones.

I received the suggestion of fixing regular (predictable) calls. I can see the attraction of this for ease of planning into the future.

Conference Call Suggestion:
every second Thu, 8-9:00 AM (GMT, London), starting 28th February

(automatic conversion to your particular time zone)

How do you feel about this?

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Good idea, I am in! Maybe we can set up the date in google calendar as well (it would be useful for me...)

while many of us will be outside of the Indian time zone, it is worth noting that the suggested 8-9am GMT time slot falls into working hours in India and might restrict those on the ground to participate... any thoughts? (Natasha already confirmed this.)

I have not received an objections or alternative suggestions so I am calling the next skype conference for:

Thu, 28th February
8-9:00AM (GMT, London)
- click here for help to convert this to your particular time zone

speak to you soon!

P.S: for the future, here's an overview of how time zones stack up for London, Vienna, Chennai, Si...


There is now a calendar page showing past and scheduled calls & events. You can find the link under "Pages" in the group homepage.


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