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Another question for the community.


I am trying to wrap my head around how and when the AoH manifested itself as a community?

I can only find vague descriptions e.g. on the homepage:


At the end of the 90´s there was a growing desire and awareness of a need to invite and involve others into a conversational or participatory space - find a more participatory way of engaging people to act more wisely in what really matters now.


Any additional information would be appreciated.


Was there a gathering?


Who were present?


Was there an intentional outcome?


Thanks alot


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Please go to the Resources tab here on this site and click on AoH-Articles; then you will find one topic about Start and Governance. There are a few documents that will tell you the story.

If you read all the documents from that page, you will get a feel for how this self-oganising community works so far.

Thanks again Ria.

It is still really hard to understand how it came into being, untill you accept the fact that it emerged from different events and no event really at the same time.

That is exactly the point Anne: Art of Hosting emerged, from different people, from different streams, from different gatherings. That's why we can facilitate emergence and self-organisation - because that is how it came into being and how it keeps unfolding. That's also why it is less related with one or two persons, like Open Space Technology and World Café and why it is hard to grasp (for people not familiar with this kind of view on live and organisations). We work from the perspective of living systems, and then nobody is the boss, and it is not related to one event.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you! Anne, for asking this question. And Ria, for answering. Even though I heard many stories on this during the first Learning Village in Statenberg, it's really nice to read it here again. And every time, the understanding becomes a bit easier :)

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