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Dear Art of Hosting Community,

at Impact Hub Munich we are looking for a Community Host and I figured the Art of Hosting Community would be the perfect place to post the description. Thanks for sharing and reposting (and reading and applying). Here it is.


The Impact Hub Munich is growing! We are looking for a highly talented person to join our core team
and help us bring our Impact Hub to the next level. Impact Hub Munich is a physical home for a diverse community of entrepreneurs, impact professionals, creatives, innovators, dedicated to driving sustainable change. Open since February 2013,
Impact Hub Munich provides a unique space optimized for collaboration, learning, and making
change happen. Over 120 members have joined since, working on innovative projects to tackle
some of the most pressing societal challenges or simply pushing forward their entrepreneurial endeavors via
innovative means. And guess what: We are just getting started and are looking for you as our new…

Community Host (full time)

Impact Hub Munich is hiring a Community Host, who works in close coordination with our core team,
manages a team of hosts and will be responsible for the area of hosting the Impact Hub’s diverse community
of members. Part of the Job is building a motivated team of Hosts for operational support.

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Hello Caspar,

thanks for posting this offer, but from experience we know that not many people notice new messages here. I think it is better to use the Facebook group to place this announcement and also the AoH emaillist.

With best regards,


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