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Here is where you can ask questions when you don't find your way around here or have problems with the aoh e list or static site.

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Questions from Lara-who-likes-uncluttering:

  • How do you organize your conversations here?
  • Is there a way to bookmark/fav/add them to a read-later list?
  • Has anyone tweaked Ning or used another feature to do something similar anyway?
  • Or have I not seen or misunderstood something? (newbie :o)

Thank you.

I somehow answered this, but it didn't publish!
The conversations are organised in different sub-groups, if you go to the conversationis page and scroll down you will see them!

The conversations you want to follow, you can click the 'Follow' button; and you will receive emails in your inbox when this happens.

Ning is around for some years now... I guess there are better platforms now. (not my cup of tea)

Keep posting questions if you have some!


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