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Dear resourceful list,
I live in San Diego in the US and travel around the states working with large inter-generational family businesses. I am looking for a video or concise article explaining systems thinking to someone who has always thought in a "unit model" kind of way. Does anyone know of such a video?
Thank you so much,
Kay Vogt
You might find this helpful - it's not quite system thinking but the next iteration - complex adaptive systems.

Kindest Stephen

Not the best video quality, but Mr. Systems Thinking himself, Russell Ackoff. A series of three:
Some nice stuff!
Julie Engel

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Hi Kay,

I always use this movie:
I like how Peter Senge uses "family" as a metaphore.
It obviously depends who you are working with and what they need, for our part we have had really good reactions to this video (much used by the UK's Open University)

The Powerdown Show was produced in Ireland by an organisation called Cultivate for broadcast on Community Public Access TV, It is a series of 10 twenty-minute programmes that explore how we respond to the challenges we face using a whole systems approach. The programmes are educational, exploring solutions and encouraging responses at the individual and community level. Each TV show is based on one of the 10 modules of a Community Powerdown course and it is intended to be used as a learning resource.

Good luck - this is important work !

More from the list:

Thanks for this rich thread.
Here is a little cross pollination from the OS list serve.
Peggy Holman posted this vimeo on the list serve - it presents a 3 day OS and Harrison Owen is opening space and is also interviewed.
It is a 16 minute video of an Open Space at a telephone company:
As OS is the "method" that allows for most self-organizing that I know of - I thought it might fit with this thread.
If anyone knows of a other more self-organising containers or structures - I would be interested to know.
There's a really lovely video available called 'An Ecology of Mind' by Nora Bateson, daughter of Gregory Bateson, perhaps one of the greatest systems thinkers. It's an hour long, a very poetic and personal exploration of his key ideas, which have informed so much subsequent thinking.

I find his stuff very difficult to read, but film this is really accessible. Nora has been on a world tour with this film over the past couple of years since she made it. She visited Ireland and I had the pleasure of meeting her and participating in something she did. If any of you are inclined, she is open to being invited to show the movie and engage in open forum 'metalogues' about these issues.

Here's the primary website and there are also streaming options if you google the movie:

best... Paula

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