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I've hardly been allowed into this group before I start asking for favours . .  . . 

First, I'm greatly honoured to be in the Group. I attended an AoH just outside Budapest in January and it was simply amazing; I can't remember ever in my (quite long!) life, having spent 3 days engaging in such meaningful dialogue with so many authentic souls all in one place. Unforgettable!

And the favour?

WIth the support of the IAF, I and a few volunteers are running a Survey on Facilitation across 12 countries in Europe. We're about to close the Survey but are still short of responses from Facilitators from the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Turkey. 

We would be really grateful if anyone from those countries who makes a living (or some of their living!) from Facilitating would fill out the Survey and publicise it with colleagues in those countries.

You'll find the link to the Survey and some background here:



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Sad to say but people won't see your request here, as not many have turned on notifications of new posts... Better to post your question on the AoH Facebook group, and/or in the emaillist. Way better response!

with love,

Thanks Ria. As you can see, I'm new to this "ning" and not quite sure when to use this rather than the AoH Facebook group and whether it's much the same people in both. I've posted twice to the AoH Facebook group and got some responses from that. I won't re-post because I assume that anyone who saw it there and was interested will already have replied.


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