The Art of Hosting

More and more AoH practitioners are involved in crowdfunding campaigns to enable participants to raise their fees for attending AoH trainings but also to fund our small and large projects based on AoH practices. This is the space to share experiences and to learn & practice together.

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A reflection I wrote in December 2011 on crowdfunding for AoH trainings, my own experience to raise a personal monthly basic income, and some crowdfunding experiences from the AoH community An emergent AoH practice: Crowdfunding

Some harvesting notes from Simone on Dragon Dreaming fundraising: "For all of you who are starting up new projects and need to fundraise, I watched a really great course called EMPOWERED FUNDRAISING on video last night and thought I'd share my notes with you. The guy teaching it is a friend of mine and all this stuff really resonates."

A preview of case studies that I am currently writing around the question: How do social change networks organize? Looking at governance and financial structures. Here are the first 2 cases studies in a draft version on community organizations and the Art of Hosting network.

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