The Art of Hosting

Alchemy of World Service - hosting with the subtle worlds - unlimited potential for LIFE on all levels/dimensions

I am sensing those of you drawn to this conversations on subtle worlds are the ones who embody capacity to hold an intentional place of connection and integrity in alchemizing, in co-creating not-yet-realized potential - for radically amazing shifts in stuck, hardened systems.Please read on and join in this work if drawn, as we create a planetary field of possibility. 

It seems right timing for this series of 3 calls as we approach the full moon on March 16 and the tipping point into Aries with the Vernal Equinox on March 20.  With Aries the energy can begin to move – opening, birthing, initiating, activating, life giving and renewing.  And at the Equinox – in the Northern Hemisphere - days become longer than nights – truly a time of amplified light.  Let us honor the power of this threshold.

This is an invitation to those who deeply feel the call to serve, to gather in virtual circle (from wherever we each are) - to bring our collective presence and planetary field to the alchemy of transformation.  You are invited to participate in a collective anchoring and energizing of potential.  There are 3 themes in the series:

  • The World Economy - creating spaciousness and softening in this human created thought-form structure, so hardened and contracted - creating room for new ideas
  • The Granting of Freedom - softening, opening the increasingly explosive and separative polarities across the world as people take to the streets.  How might division and separatism soften and invite a loving place for the fullness of all.  A true freedom! 
  • The Understanding of Money – an energy flow – what does it really mean to give and receive, to live generosity, to live generatively?

Our collective attention and intention is to soften, and to open these energy patterns so stuck, so entrenched, so rigid, steel-like.  And to create possibility we have not yet seen – for new ways to emerge in human consciousness.  We must step away from fear and give energy to potential - with no attachment to the result.  And to invite and acknowledge our connection to the subtle in this process. 

The first will be a one hour call on Thursday March 13 at the times below.

Theme- The World Economy.  

As we begin in silence, channeled singing/vibration/sound will amplify and expand our collective planetary field as we silently work energetically with this lead-like energy, followed by your voice contributions of what has emerged or been noticed in the field.  We gift the power of collective vibration, silence, and voice as we live the Aquarian call to group service.  Your presence is powerful.

Inviting others: It seems important to expand this human collective field.  If you know others who can hold a very present space and intention to be of service to life’s potential on Earth, please invite them to join.  

The dates, times, durations:

-         Thursday March 13, Tuesday March 18, Thursday March27

-          Duration 1 hour, except Tues. March 18 1 ½ hours. This will be instead of the regular CCC call that would have been on March 20.

Note: US time goes forward an hour on March 9, so the following time adjustments are needed in Europe and other places until the end of March.

Europe           7 PM

UK                  6 PM

Lebanon         8 PM

Turkey            8 PM

Columbia        1 PM

US Eastern     2 PM

US Central      1 PM

US Mt.             Noon

US Pacific        11 AM

Australia         depends on location

Please arrive a bit early as we will begin on time.

the US number.

US +1 424-203-8405   Access Code:  777 714#

Number(s)from other countries    

Belgium        +32 (0) 4 244 10 75                  777 714#

Austria           +43 (0) 1 2650551                   777 714#

UK                 +44 (0) 330 606 0180                777 714#                

Australia        +61 (0) 3 8672 0100               777 714# 

Germany        +49 (0) 30 255550300            777 714#         

 Let me know if you are in another location and would like a phone number.

And you can always Skype into the US or any of the above numbers

You can contact me at

I will share the harvests here. 

My deep gratitude and appreciation for each and all - for who you are and what you bring.


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