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Marko Pogačnik "Universal Language" Feb 2010 - 12 min

About Marko Pogacnik :

........Since 1979 he has been engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work. In the mid 80-s he has developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture by using stone pillars and positioning them on acupuncture points of the landscape. He calls it "lithopuncture". (See the list of lithopuncture projects in the chapter on Earth healing and Art work :
My work is consciously based on art as complementary to science. Instead of the head-orientated view of the modern science, I try to promote a heart centred approach to the Earth, nature and the human essence, based on personal experience and transpersonal insights. The knowledge called “geomancy” functions as base for my explorations and for practical work. (See chapter on geomancy!)
Having experience in land-art and other forms of conceptual approach to art, derived from my work with the OHO group (1965-1971), I developed a method of Earth acupuncture that I call “lithopuncture”, plus different methods of Earth healing work that can be done by groups.

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