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Reflections after revolution in Spain

Shared by Toke Moeller, after Agota Rsuza had written a report on the AoH emaillist about what she experienced in Madrid, on May 21, 2011.
Thank you Agota for sharing this moment in Madrid.....with us. 
It inspires me to let some words from the heart flow....
Transformation thru listening
Thru circle
Thru opening the space
in The squares
In The Streets 
In The minds
In The hearts
In The in between
In The center
Humans getting together 
In integrity
In longing
For life 
In dignity
In generosity
In respect
In peaceful harmony
For all
What is 
The power of 
This longing
This hunger
This love affair
With living
In beauty?
Following this hunger 
Is maybe
A More radical choice
Of The evolutionary
Than anything else
A bow to The people
WHO circle up 
WHO Open Real space
To say no 
To What is ridiculous 
And  says yes 
to listen
To the NOW
To ourselves and
Each other
At The squares
In Madrid 
in so many other places 
The World
NOW Is always here
WHO will listen
And act from

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