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Lessons from a Journey of Collaboration

“Building Together for Our Children”: Lessons from a Journey of Collaboration
I enjoyed reading this report of insights and learnings by Marianne Knuth, of a process she facilitated in South Africa. It was posted (Dec 9th, 2010) on the website of Reos Partners, where there is more good to learn!
Here is the beginning of the report:

In 2007, I had the privilege of becoming part of a collaborative effort to demonstrate to people throughout South Africa that it is possible to take care of all of our children. In response to the overwhelming number of orphans and vulnerable children in the country, the Hollard Foundation initiated a process, in partnership with the Department of Social Development, to work to shift the system of childcare in the geographical location of the Midvaal municipality (some 40km south of Johannesburg). One of the goals was for the lessons learned from this initiative to serve the country as a whole. To help them in this undertaking they brought in Convene Venture Philanthropy and Reos Partners.

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