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August 2010 Blog Posts (6)

Learning from Africa - Deep Democracy

The question "What can we learn from India?" was a question that I brought back from my stay in India in 2004. Soon after, the little sister question was born: "What can we learn from Africa?"

Last week-end, I had the opportunity to learn from the Deep Democracy (DD) training that developed in South Africa based on Arnold Mindell's work.

In this DD training we…

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Connecting to Deep Democracy

Why was this Deep Democracy training within the Hub Summer School calling me to Rotterdam?

Deep Democracy has been on my radar since I joined Pioneers of Change approx. 5 years ago. When Myrna Lewis offered to host a training in Hub Berlin a few months back, there were not enough participants to make the training happen.

During this summer, the Hub Summer School has hooked me to go to Hub…

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Torque: The Long Arc of Re-Entry

Double Torqued Ellipse, Richard Serra

Photo credit:

Somewhere in the beginnings of my adult thinking about circle work, I had to acknowledge that I am my father’s daughter.

My father…


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Powers of Place: Kufunda Learning Village

On Saturday, I received an invitation from Sarah to join the Powers of Place Gathering in November in Kufunda Learning Village.

When I joined the Pioneers of Change learning network 5 years ago, Kufunda started calling me to come for a learning experience in the future. Kufunda has been popping up at different… Continue

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Relationship between old and new story

The Open Space session that I convened in the afternoon of the third day was framed as: How will the relationship be between Citizens, Economy and Politics in the new story?, using the systemic constellation work as a way of going with it. Some of the participants were interested in the topic, others came more to have an experience with the method as such. As much as I have done and participated in constellations, I was once again fascinated by ‘the result’ we got out of only half hour… Continue

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Nuggets of learning about the new story

We had a most wonderful day – the third – in our learning gathering Art of Humans Being. It was juicy, it had song, it had a lot of embodied stuff... I think you can say it had a wholeness and fullness to it and I saw a lot of twinkling eyes and many, many conversations going on.

I want to share the nuggets we shared at the end of the day in the ceremony firecircle, here on the land. There was no fire, but there was the music of the flute that welcomed us; as it had done in the… Continue

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