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The Fine Line of Destiny, Second Edition © 2013 by Sarah Whiteley is published and available from Tuesday November 12th - in e-book and paperback versions.

"The Fine Line of Destiny is an auto-biographical memoir, Modern Myth and practice guide of the subtle artistry of living wholeness and conscious evolution.
It is a story about what happens when you hear a Call and follow it. Not an idle, fanciful call, but a Call that resonates so deep in the soul that it ignites a journey of discovery – uncharted, yet destined."

"The story-lines include the:
- Unfolding of intimate relationships and partnerships, animating the essential qualities of the human experience
- Evolutions of contexts, including home-places and homelands, learning grounds and uncharted lands
- Co-creation of life-affirming patterns and practices - most notably, the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and the Living Wholeness Practice - capable of catalysing social and systemic transformation
- Local and global awakenings - where the patterns and practices inspired systemic transformations, responded to revolutionary movements and amplified shifts in consciousness and practice grounds around the planet

The Fine Line of Destiny also chronicles the fineness and magnitude of what it means to follow a Call that continues to evolve over time – and what it takes to say Yes again and again – to let go and embrace the next level of wholeness, soul calling and destiny."


Available for purchase, from 12 November: CLICK: BOOKS for Reviews & further details.


May this Book serve as inspiration for the Callings that reside in you.

Best wishes, Sarah

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