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My name is Jane Porter and I just moved back to Ottawa, Canada after
living 3 years in Finland (AoH experience at Karlskrona, Sweden!). I've
seen and been a part of many cool projects regarding sustainable
innovation/education/entrepreneurship in Europe and now I'm just trying
to get a grip on what's happening here in my old town.

I've been told by many that this is a wonderful town but quite boring
and "conservative" (mentally, not necessarily politically) where
sparking that kind of change is extremely difficult. My take on that is
that I really need to start listening:) 

Are any of you in Ottawa or know who/where I should go to find out more?
What kind of initiatives are needed in this city? I would be happy to
meet up with any of you in the area to hear more.
Please email me at

Many thanks and have a good day!


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Welcome back Jane

I am based in Montreal and I am teaching AOH to my students at university in Montreal and in Rimouski.
Good luck with your initiative.

Hi Jane  - have you heard of the group SLOWest?  Sustainable Living Ottawa West.  A friend of mine is involved with this group and is really enjoying the people she is meeting and the common ground she is discovering.  Let me know if you'd like to be connected in via my friend.  She's doing some cool community engagement stuff  -- leslie


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