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Today, for the first time since I host, I had a day that respected the script to the minute :-) If this doesn't warrant a first blog post here, I don't see what will.

Definitely une journée a marquer d'une pierre blanche ! :-)

le wordle du matin (debut de la session):      

wordle de la fin de session:

Wordle are a nice touch. You just do your regular check in and ask people to give just one word to sum up how they feel. They may repeat what has been said already.

You feed this in real time into a wordle generator and have it displayed on screen immediately.

Material needed:

internet connection, but you could actually do it by hand by counting the number of occurences of a word and by adjusting the font size accordingly.



Woaw effect:

Maximum :-)

Good vibes to all

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Comment by Ria Baeck on November 28, 2012 at 6:39pm

Great that you post something here Francois, but I am not so sure a lot of people read it here. I would advice you to post this on the emaillist, then you are way more sure it gets spread more widely.

With love,


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