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Burning an eternal flame ?

It is only fair that this post echoed the title of the previous one. After all, it was the root cause of a funny happening.

But i'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm just back from a two days gathering in Bruxelles, bringing together some 70-80 practionners from across the EU Commission and then some. The external practionners were mostly people who have been accompanying the process at the Commission (the usual suspects: Ria, Tatiana, Maria S. from Greece, etc) or have a link with…


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Keeping the flame alive

For many of us, once past the initial woaw of discovering participatory leadership, there comes a time when we despair to make it work - because we soon find out that the rest of the world hasn't caught up with us yet.

Keeping the flame alive is not an easy task, and yet we need to do it because it is the only way forward.

Soon or later, our efforts will pay - we just need to hang on and make sure we're still around when they do.

Here are some…


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Toke about AoH in a nutshell

I came across this 2 month old interview of Toke in Wien.

(Hope the posterous embedding works!).

It's about 15 minutes and as usual extremely interesting.

The AoH in a nutshell part itself is the first 7-8…


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Understanding Intercultural Communication

I came across a post today which made me laugh, because it is soooo much déjà vu - been there, done that several times, and get biten over and over again.

I think all of us working in multilingual/multicultural environment will recognize friends and / or situations.

At the same time, this needs to be stressed over and over again, lest we should forget.

So without further ado:…


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Stumbled on this article on creativity by John Cleese.

Not really new, but reaffirm many good and often forgotten principles.

8 Dec 1980 - we remember.

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Yes, it does exist !!!

Today, for the first time since I host, I had a day that respected the script to the minute :-) If this doesn't warrant a first blog post here, I don't see what will.

Definitely une journée a marquer d'une pierre blanche ! :-)

le wordle du matin (debut de la session):      …


Added by François Thunus on November 27, 2012 at 1:26pm — 1 Comment

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