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I am preparing a 4 hour customer event to create a completely new pricing system in my customers broker and insurance agency as one step in the whole process. We invite 20 of the main customers and use collective intelligence. I suppose, that fishbowl conversation could be a helpful method to share needs, resistances and fears between company and customers and find out the best service packeges. I am not shure about the best way for harvesting this. Is anyone experienced in this method and harvesting and wants to share?
I had some experiences in fishbowl but all without harvesting.
Or - would You propose a more appropreate method?

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Gabriele, great that you are reaching out to the global network, but truth is not many people read new posts here. I advice you to post this request either on the email list and/or on the Facebook group. There you will get more responses!

with love,


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