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Hi AOH friends
The Hubs in the Netherlands have run a Summer School program the last 2 summers, basically a series of learning events throughout July & August focused on building the skills, capacities and leadership for the kind of change we want to see in the world. These are offerings from Hub members, to each other and the wider public - as well as invited thought-leaders and performers.

The 'art of hosting and convening conversations that matter' is the core architecture that holds this 2-month long festival. And most of the team has experienced one or more Art of Hosting trainings over the past years, which has led to deepening our learning about collaborative practice. We thought that we would share our harvest, which has been produced with the interest and support of the Dutch innovation agency Agentschap NL - they wanted to learn from us what we are learning about learning.
Since many of you may know many of them from AOH circles, I would like to acknowledge the Hub NL Summer School 2010 Hosting & Harvesting Team, a very international bunch: Valentine Giraud, Marieke van der Velden, Marieke Verhoeven, Nynke Feenstra, Bert Meijers, Pieter Ploeg & our patient and talented graphic designer of the final report Maira Rahme

See attached if you want to know more - may this serve to inspire more learning for sustainability!

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Hi Tatiana -- thanks for sharing this great document, I'm looking forward to being wowed by the content as well as a the layout!  It is a great reminder to keep the focus on what we are learning as well as the other measures of success from any event.  


Ria and I were having a conversation about Kufunda this morning and agreed that they could take a leaf out of your book to really spotlight their value of a place of learning and a harvester of learning.

Dear Tatiana,

The Harvest has just been taken into my reflections around the calling question on an AoH Training in Berlin - there is a strong connection to these questions "What if we were a learning city? What would a city learning festival look like?"


Thanks again for sharing!


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