The Art of Hosting

Why, how and where did it all start?

See and hear part of the story of how Art of Hosting came about and the path it took to be what it is today. This is a personal story told by three of the initiators; Toke Paludan Moeller, Monica Nissén and Jan Hein Nielsen, hosted by Helle Solvang. Please note that this is only one perspective on the whole story as there were others that contributed to “giving birth” to the AoH.

The film and interview was made at the Art of Hosting-training in Kalundborg, Denmark 5-8th of January 2012. With all the important human ingredients at place we took the technology at hand and the opportunity to record this important story. A co-creation of all participants and with Peter Engberg at prep and sound, Valentina Catena with camera, Jonas Darin and Kajsa Balkfors editing and postproduction.
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