The Art of Hosting

Teaching: Human development as individuals - from late adolescence to practical wisdom

Understand who is in the room when we are hosting. Linking to the different levels of development present in any community. Rainer v. Leoprechting presents the journey to wisdom that we take as adults. Our orientation oscillates between the "Me" and the "We" through stages of deve...

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Comment by Rainer v. Leoprechting on February 7, 2013 at 11:38am

Dear mates, this is a recording from a Brussels Art of participatory leadership training in 2011. I've been sharing now more and more systematically this little mental model about our growth into wisdom, as it illustrates how critical aspects of hosting resonate with distinct levels of development. The news is: "hosting" requires a rather high level... the bad news in this: only few people are there, and getting there is a slow process. Sobering stuff. Enjoy the presentation, and please drop me line with your comments!! 


camera was held by @Martin Büchele - Thanks!!

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