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Waking Up the Workplace online interview series

Waking Up the Workplace

A free online interview series exploring the emerging field of conscious business by means of live interviews with Otto Scharmer, Fred Kofman, Brian Robertson, Tony Schwartz, Bill Torbert, Bob Anderson, Jeff Klein, Tami Simon, and others.


The 21st century workplace is in need of an evolutionary update. From March 17th on, the 'Waking Up the Workplace' series will explore the leading edge of wakeful work and conscious business through live, weekly interviews with pioneering authors and trailblazers.


What would happen if we saw the business of work, not just as a means for trade and profit, but as a vehicle for actualizing our deeper human potentials? We say it’s time to start putting the pieces of this new vehicle together, so that we can take it for a spin. Are you in for the ride? Join the conversation. Let’s wake up the workplace…


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