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Dear Community,

Having hosted small and big groups in all kind of different contexts for several years now I consider myself to be a quite pragmatic AoH practitioner. The biggest challenge I have come across though is probably not to host others, but to host myself. A few months ago I initiated my blog with a post about "wellbeing companionships" - an idea I have been co-designing and practicing for about three years now with a close friend of mine. I got quite some feedback on this post -especially from AoH practitioners- so I thought it might be worth sharing it with all of you...

I want to start with a very simple learning about wellbeing because this is what I am longing for - for myself and for everybody out there. If you want to change the world you have to look after yourself. Some are great in doing so. A few years back I did not realy outperform in caring for myself. Surrounded by workaholics and burned out friends I still felt “not as bad” but that was certainly not good enough. At the Imagine 2008 conference I had the idea of outsorcing this part. I needed help and found a person, that offered it to me. I found my Wellbeing-Companion and with it a new level of life-quality I can surely say.

Wellbeing is most commonly used in philosophy to describe what is non-instrumentally or ultimately good for a person. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
A Wellbeing-Companion is most commonly described by close, present, shoulder, attaining, implicitness, discovering, imagine, magic, hosting… (me)

What is it about? It is a wonderful way to learn about what you really enjoy, what makes you happy and how you can bring happiness to the people you care about. It helps you to take care of yourself and your surrounding. It is the full package.
What do you need? Find a person you care about. A person you enjoy spending time with. A person you easily trust. Find a person that Iikes you despite your strange habits, behaviours or sense of humor. You don’t even have to know that person very well - this will change anyways!
How to start? Multiply sweet moments. If you see something you enjoy; share it with your Companion. Increase your level of positive energy by sharing your moments of joy and by co-enjoying your Companion’s moments of joy! Experience intentionally the beauty of sharing happiness. You will experience notable more moments of happiness within days!
What’s next? The more happiness both of you share with eachother, the easier you will identify what actually makes you happy. You can now intentionally enrich your life with more of those moments. I am actually sure that you will do so, and if it is only to make your Companion happy by sharing youre happiness. You will get to know your Companion’s happiness-triggers too and co-enjoy them with intensity no matter if you have a close or long-distance Wellbeing-Companion relationship. Your Companion’s moments of joy will cause you happiness too!

You can find the rest of this text by following this link

I am curious for your feedback and contribution to what I believe might be a wonderful asset for change - it already changed my life, that's for sure.

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