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I love music, alway have. There are certain tracks/songs though, that transcend liking or loving.
They are part of me, it could be the music or the words or a combination. Some mark a time in my life. Some are timeless and take me to another place. Harvest for the World by the Isley Brothers is one of the latter. Whenever I hear it I smile all over. It tickles me. It's message is so simple.

Last week I was reading the messages from Maria and Sarah in Athens and was moved, scared (for them) and excited. This song popped into my head. I played it, the tears in my eyes were matched by the smile that spread over my face and then throughout my whole body. I was laughing out loud. The song had always been powerful, now it seemed to be a narrative for now.

Link to the song is at the bottom

All babies together
Everyone a seed
Half of us are satisfied
Half of us in need

Love’s bountiful in us
Tarnished by our greed
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world

A nation planted
So concerned with gain
As the seasons come and go
Greater grows the pain

And far too many
Feelin’ the strain
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world

Gather every man
Gather every woman
Celebrate your lives
Give thanks for your children

Gather everyone
Gather all together (Gather all together)
Overlookin’ none (Overlookin’ none)
Hopin’ life gets better for the world

Dress me up for battle
When all I want is peace
Those of us who pay the price
Come home with the least

And nation after nation
Turnin’ into beasts
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world


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Comment by Ria Baeck on June 24, 2011 at 11:01am
Thanks for posting Paul; I never heard the song - and wouldn't have listened to the words...

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