The Art of Hosting

The Eagle’s vision guides us through life’s flow,
Where is the good road, we do not always know.

There are many paths that we can choose

Some we may win and others we may lose.

Look for the lesson in every challenge

Fight with love and put aside revenge.

Warriors of the heart and light,

Are dancing flames that enter the night.

With courage we help our community

Fiercely working to serve humanity.

This is why we sing the Eagle song,

To lift our hearts and keep our spirits strong.

When we entered in the Dojo of practice
Hearts connected like desert and cactus.
Warriors, cooks, actors and actress,
You have many skills to succeed in life.
Like a clean cut with a sharp knife
Embrace all that is good and release the strife.
A spiritual point where reality emerges is ZION
Awaken and act with good intention.
Open your eyes to see the next lesson,
This is wisdom to keep us going in the knowing of the flowing.

Diving in the rivers flow

We became family for life, not friends that come and go.

The Great Eagle who flies above

Sprinkled magic and opened our hearts to love.

What a great gift to see you in all your beauty,
Enjoying life and serving in duty.
Now my heart is ablaze with affection,
With you it was like looking in a mirror and seeing my own people’s reflection.
This is the magic of the Eagle connection.

The world is getting smaller and my family is growing.

Like trees that seed and gives birth to more trees

Ancestors gave life and teachings to posterity

This is a love that is for eternity.

I will never forget my little brothers and sisters

From different mothers and misters.

The next time we meet will be a Great day.

Time will pass fast and my sad heart will melt away.

This is a journey that is just beginning,

The idea of Kufunda planted in my territory has my heart singing
The Eagle song “Way-ya Hey-yaaaa, Haaaa”
Great Eagle spirit thanks for guiding my path to Kufunda
I love this place most in todo la munda (all the world)

A heart commitment of mine

Spoken to the Centre Fire and affirmed in this rhyme.
I invite you to my homeland
To share the Kufunda Village that you understand.
Together lets wave the magic wand
Enter with heart and be part from the start
And co-create a place where ceremony, practice and learning live in harmony.
My heart wisdom knows that this is our destiny.

Nothing is forever,
Great Eagle spirit I pray for the next time we meet to be sooner than later.

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Comment by Amanda Fenton on November 4, 2010 at 1:55am
So beautiful, Pawa.

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