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Cultivating Resilience

Last week I was at an inspiring meeting in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  A dozen of us gathered from different parts of the US to continue an exploration of common ground.  There's a confluence happening.  Especially over the last decade people have been working with different words to explore the same questions: How do we create healthy communities?  Communities where happiness is pursued, not  consumption.  Communities where people live with the graceful bounty of this planet rather than…


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Art of Hosting: A Way of Being in Japan

I'm back in Japan.  Gathered this weekend, once again, in Kiyosato where we held two major art of hostings in Japan last year.  Mt.  Fuji still sits with majesty on the horizon.  The food is still excellent.  The onsen is once again very hot.  AND, much has changed.


I've been in Japan for four days.  Listening, sensing, trying to understand what is present here -- what is possible here -- that was not possible before.…


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Resilience in Japan

Much is stirring in Japan these days. My own journey there began 40 years ago when I "escaped" from the US. Those were the days of the Vietnam War and when the National Guard murdered 4 students at Kent State and the USA began to bomb Cambodia. I -- a young War Proterster -- was pushed over the top. I had to leave. Had to get out. A door opened to Japan; I knew it was over there near China (I'd taken a Chinese history class).

My life was changed. I sometimes speak of how my life has… Continue

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