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Hola todos!

It looks like something wonderful is emerging in Latin America among all
of our kindred networks We hosted our first Café Latino stewards
gathering near Cuernavaca in 2008 (or was it 2007?), which Juan Carlos
Kaiten attended along with Carlos Mota, and others— and there are Café
Latino, Palomilla Mexicana and Café do Brazil and Un Buen Café
Colombiano groups on the World Café on-line community (  Everyone here is most welcome to join those conversations!

In addition, on our website you can find materials translated into
Spanish, including Café To Go—and our book The World Café: Shaping our
Futures Through Conversations that Matter has been translated into both
Spanish and Portugese (see Resources section on the website at  There is a chapter specifically focused on Hosting which Toke Moller made a major contribution to.

It would be wonderful to post AoH related materials in Spanish on the
World Café site also and to have the World Café materials in Spanish
available at AoH trainings that will happen in Latin America.

There are also World Café hosts in most countries in Latin America
now—including Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and
now Cuba!  Most of these hosts also work in multiple dialogue

Asi es que seria fabuloso si todos pudieramos estar en comunicacion para
ver como promover juntos una cultura de dialogo en Latino America.

Con mucho carino y un gran abrazo,

On 10/20/10 11:39 PM, "Pablo Villoch" a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:

Hola a todos!

Thank you, Rowan for connecting us!
Gracias, María, for sharing your inspiring experience in Oaxaca!
Please let me know if you come to Chile!

Many things are happening in Chile these days...

to name a few...

A host team is preparing the WOSonOS (World Open Space on Open Space) that will be held in Chile in October 2011.

And a group of social entrepreneurs is co-creating the HUB Santiago

...and 33 miners have been rescued after 70 days, 700 meters under ground, 
in a exciting mix of faith, miracle, engineering, teamwork and self-organization to survive :-)

You may connect with more Spanish speaking Open Space practitioners in

love and courage,
passion and perseverance,

best regards from the Andes,

Pablo Villoch
+56-97-213 4039

2010/10/20 maria glauser a href="" target="_blank">>


Aerin Dunford, Yeyo (from Unitierra in Oaxaca) and I (currently in
Paraguay) have organized the first one (I think it is) in Spanish in
Oaxaca (Mexico) earlier this year. We translated and adapted the
material and process to make sure it worked for the context there.

It went very well and it was fun! : ) People loved it and we loved how
it all went because it clicked for people and they left very satisfied
and with tools, practice and a small community of practitioners. We're
happy to share some knowledge and materials with you. You can have a
look at the invitation attached and the pictures here:

We are in conversations with Juan Carlos Kaiten, Renato Ortega, Aerin,
Yeyo and myself to do on in Mexico City in the coming months. Let us
know about your plans so we can coordinate, integrate, etc.

All the best,


On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:
OUr friend & AoH expert  Juan Carlos Kaiten is in Mexico, i don’t know if he is on this list.
And then there is Emilia Queiroga in Brasil who might like to connect.
Take care,  best wishes,

Onderwerp: Re: [AoH] AoH in Spanish?
Hi Dey

Thanks for your questions. There are certainly both practioners in
Colombia and Mexico. I have just moved to Colombia myself and is
starting to organise a training here within in a not so distant future.
Here there are at least a handful, Pablo Espinosa, Susanna Muhamad,
Zulma Patarroyo and some more.

As for Mexico there are also quite a few practioners. I know there has
just been a training at the Hub Oaxaca organized by Maira Glauser and a
great hosting team there. I think they did some translations of the

Pablo Villoch is also doing great work in Chile and is an other aoh practioner.

Juanita Brown form the World Cafe community has also showed interest in
doing something in latin america and she might have some materials in

Dey - please share some of your thoughts on what concepts and ideas you
would like to explore the translation of. and about your thoughts for
visiting Mexico and Colombia.

Look forward to continuing this conversation.


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 10:28 PM, Dey Dos a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:
We will be taking some retreats to Latin-America next year and very much
looking forward to bring the AoH to Mexico and Colombia...

Is there already a formal translation for Art of Hosting in Spanish?
Any practitioners in Mexico or Colombia in this list interested in
exchanging some ideas in the better way to deal with some translations
that cannot be made literally?

Looking forward to hear from you!

Love tons,

Dey Dos

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Hola a todos y todas,

It is great to be part of this conversation. I am happy to share with all of you our purpose of hosting an AoH 2011 in Mexico. We have been in conversation, for a while now, with la Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA), and with Chris Corrigan and Caitlin Frost for making this happen. For us it would be great to generate a collaborative call for people in Mexico and Central and South America for this possibility. I am happy to talk with anyone interested in knowing where we are in the process, and open up the calling.




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