The Art of Hosting

What are some of your experiences of combining the art, music, theatre, poetry, story telling, music, painting with the World Cafe and other methods? What have you tried? What would you like to try? What can you imagine? 

I can imagine examples such as as: 

- a theatre audience engaging in a World Cafe process straight after a performance to make new meaning of the content of the play, or during an intermission to decide what direction the second half of the performance will take
- music and sounds in place of words cafe converations
- harvesting conversations via poetry or dance 
- story telling with multiple threads at different tables

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We used the questions "What has really happened here for you?" and "what has really happened here for us?" as reflection questions in personal, silent reflection time on the last day of the International Learning Village in Slovenia last week.

Besides making written notes (bullet points), I painted these two pictures:

What happened for me.


What I perceived as having happened for us.


I shared these pictures with my conversation / sharing group (4 people) that came together after the reflection time. I first showed the first picture and spoke freely, referring to my written bullet points when I found it useful, then moved to the second picture and spoke some more. Sometimes I "explained" aspects of the drawing, but mostly they just served as a nonverbal support for my words. 

I felt that the pictures helped my listeners to understand me better, more deeply than they would have, if I had only used words, writing and gesture. The pictures were well accepted - it was not considered strange to bring them or speak through them. 

I was happy to find my pictures accepted and myself well understood. It take it as encouragement to do it more and use whatever artistic means appear appropriate to express myself.

Hello Jasmine, and group members, 

We're about to host an "Art of Hosting through Play" in Spain (6-9 June), with the intention to explore how can playfulness, improvisation and acting amplify our hosting skills, and create spaces of systemic transformation.

You are all welcome to join!



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