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Dear all,

as a practioner of TO and AOH i love the topic of this group. Thanks Jasmine for creating the space for this conversation.


Just i few first thoughts and reports of how i combine some AoH principles with the methodology of TO.


When working in a theatre working with images and statues in a process to create small theatre plays/scenes i sometimes use the following combination: We gather in a circle for a reflection round of the previous excercises. Then i invite to step into the middle of the circle to create an image (imagetheatre) of a specific situation that the person wants to create a scene with. Depending on the size of the group we might see 2-6 different images and then people can choose which group they want to join and co-create a scene with the image as the beginning. In this, i hold the space open as if i would host an OpenSpace Meeting.


The idea of Jasmin to combine theatre with worldcafe is great. some time ago me and my collegiues also talked about the idea to combine forumtheatre with worldcafe. In forumtheatre a play is shown that shows the problems and conflicts without offering the solutions already. The play should end at a point of a chinese crises, with lots of dangers and opportunitys! Then a conversation starts with the audience, a dialogue about the play, story, charakters, relationships, conflicts, goals, structure, etc.... After some time the play starts again, this time the audience is invited to clap and freeze the play - come on stage and take over on of the characters - to change the play! In this way a dialogue is started on-stage through live-interaction with the goal to search for alternatives, solutions etc.. to transform the play and stories that are represented by the play. NOW - after a session of some interventions on stage - the audience and actors could move into a worldcafe seeting to harvest the learnings and insights that emerged through the interventions - or, maybe later in a process, could use a Pro Action Cafe to start the Actions necessary for Transformation! The Theatre-space is a space to experiment and excersise the transformations in a safe container - and so worldcafe, openspace, PAC etc... provides supportive participatory processes to actually really co-creating the transformations in the community...


well so far - just a few ideas and descriptions. i am curious for your questions and eager to provide more informations and co-create more strong combinations of participatory theatre and AoH..


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I don't have experience with these kind of arts, but it sounds really inspiring!

On the Open Space emaillist there is someone - I think in the UK - who is creating her plays with Open Space Technologies. Also very inspiring!

And I think Tim Merry AoH Practitioner in Canada is working with TO. Here sth from my inbox this morning from the Occupy the Future blog:

We are a group in Norway that is workin with TO and wants to search for new arenas for practising this method. Love to hear more about your work. Where do you live? Love from Tone Hoemsnes who lives in Norway and who is new to this group



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