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Opening of a regular, weekly circle practice space in Rixensart (Genval), Belgium.


If you think you need a space where you feel safe
Where you can stop and breathe, and slow down, feel at home, in peace
without time constrains and the hassle of everyday life, because it is Sunday
Where you are listened to
Where you can share your gratitude and sorrow and everything else you wish to
Where you are accepted as you are
Where you can get back the deep connection with yourself and others, the nature
Where the respect of self, the other and the nature is a keyword
Where you can release your problems and everything that you think does not belong to you anymore
Where you can have the conversations you would have always loved to have
Where this can become a weekly purification ritual, if you want it to
Where you have the possibility to use circle space and energy for your weekly rebirth and renewal
Where you can get energy
Where you can offer and get inspiration
Where wholeness is present.

Maybe you want to join me in this circle space that will be open on a regular basis weekly, with the intention to offer a regular practice to those willing to join. Who comes are the right people is a basic principe, so if you can come "only" once, please do! No obligation. People wanting to explore circle or deepen their practice are equally welcome. With no time pressure, as it is on Sundays, staring at 10.00 with a cup of tea, and then, after the circle space, eating together what everyone brought. It should be something healthy, and fresh, no quick food, no sugar.

It is in the green, outside Brussels so you really get a distance from your daily reality. But not very far away so that it is not a burden and so that it can become part of your weekly routine, if you want it to. It is in the nature because probably you’d need more of that connection, too.

This circle will operate with emergence, the conversation will be formulated by people present, and what they bring with them.

Date of the opening circle: 21 September 2014, Sunday, 10.00

Please note that it is car-free day in Brussels – this gives you a wonderful opportunity to try the train to Genval. The house is 10 mins walk from Genval station.

Caller and host of the circle: Annamária Erdei (Art of Hosting and circle practicioner, host, trained in PeerSpirit circle process, certified coach)

Address: please contact me for the exact address
Time: every Sunday from 10.00 on (with exeptions due to holidays or other constrains)

Please bring some healthy food with you, there will be time for eating and informal connection after the circle practice. Mint tea is offered.

No participation fee.

Please signal your intention to participate by email to erdeiann at and I will email you the details (including exact location).

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This idea is inspiring! I would love to hear how it has been going since then


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