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Hi All!
I hope this message finds you all well. As said before, there seem to be interest in staying in touch with the Dojo of practitioners through some forms of online meetings. I have some experience and will be happy to help facilitate this.

So far, people who expressed an interest are Ana, and Linda Choueiri.

Anyone who would like to help me? I will need to liaise at some point with people hosting the Dojo, so that we can set up a way to have you guys "online".

All the best!

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What a great offer, Marco!

I'd love to learn to work with online tools - so if there's any possibilities for me to join, I'd love to. Would this be worth writing some kind of learning journal?

Thanks, Marco, for offering to host/facilitate this!
I would very much like an opportunity to stay connected with the Dojo(s) in Denmark, as I found it such a powerfully rich experience when I was in Aarhus.
Synchronous or asynchronous tools would both work for me, and as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't have to be media-heavy, ie. text-based communication would also be good.
I'll obviously keep watching this space for further offers and engagements,
hi there Tanjia, Ana and all.
Thanks for the responses. I will be very happy to help out in this. The next dojo is in Copenhagen on November 10, and I will get in touch with Brigitta to ask them to be connected online in real time!
Talk soon!
Good luck with the Copenhagen dojo on November 10! Incidentally, it's my birthday, so I'll be thinking of you...
With love and warmth,


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