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It has been a month ago that we came together the beginning of May for a second session at a beautiful monastery in Driebergen, Joost and I prepared. Here I share with you the impressions of the day and our insights.


It was a small group of people this time (Naomi, Thieu, Marien, Joost and Tim) and we focused two things: getting to know each other better and exploring the purpose and expectations of a AoH community of Practice. 'What can it become?' 

Joost shared a very powerful exerise with us about storytelling and metaphors, related to his experience with NLP . After we shared some of our personal stories we took the time to reflect on the exercise itself. 

  • From here we took that it was powerful to get together as a community of practice to try (new) methods and reflect and learn with a group on it (even when being in the process, stepping out and watch it to unfold). While in the same time getting to know each other better.
  • Secondly, we addressed the question 'What can the community become?' We found out that it helps to meet from a specific question or 'call'. So when a meeting is organized it comes from something you want to explore (personally) with the strength and wisdom of group. Based on this you know that whoever are there are the right people that connect to your call. 

The pictures give you an impression of the day and some of the insights shared during the check-out. It was a pleasure hosting and practicing and I am looking forward to hear if any of you have questions or a call to host in this circle in the future.


Best wishes,









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Thanks for posting this! Always nice to know what is going on in other countries.


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