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Dear Art of Hosting Community

At the Dojo learning village in December I shared about the Changing the Dream Symposium that I am presenting in Denmark.

Next Dojo is January 28th. I like to invite you to participate in the Symposium the following day.

King regards



The Changing the Dream Symposium

We are all co-creating the world we live in. Our time is calling for transition and positive change. Come and join us 29 Jan. 2011 as we explore how we can evolve to become conscious human beings in balance with ourselves and all of Life.


Through video material, self-reflection and interaction we will work with: 

Where are we? 

Looking at the current social, environmental and spiritual situation.

How did we get here? 

Explore the underlying reasons for the current crisis 

What’s possible for the future? 

Open up creative visions and unlimited possibilities 

Where do we go from here? 

Inquire into what we can do individually and collectively.


The purpose of this symposium is to create a global guiding principle based on a socially just, ecologicaly sustainable and spritual fullfilled human presence on this planet.


The aim is to provide information, inspiration and motivation. You will have  the opportunity to share concerns, hopes and ideas with other participants.


The symposium comes from The Pachamama Alliance which is a partnership between indigenous people of the Amazon and people from the industrial world.


More info


When & where 

Saturday 29 Jan. 2011 10 am -5 pm (participation is all day)

Københavns Projekthus (KPH) 

Enghavevej 80 C. 3.sal 2450 København SV

Sugested donation 150 kr. (100 if you are a student)

Registration (please let us know so we can prepare material for you) / 27212089


Paper, pens & pencils. 

Packed lunch, waterbottle and a cup. 

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