The Art of Hosting

Harvested at the Art of Hosting training "WE is the new ME" November 17-19th 2010 with the participants of YIP



04.01.2011 On Hosting Conversations

Why is hosting conversations that matter important to me and what’s making me tremble about it?

This poem was compiled during a harvesting session of the Art of Hosting week 2010.

I usually tremble when the conversation matters.  If they don’t matter, its quite predictable, but I could move into a new field – that’s frightening.  I don’t want to do it wrong – it matters!  I don’t feel responsible enough – that little voice inside, not good enough…you can do it!  I have to face my own fear – what will happen if we don’t…

What is a deep conversation?  It makes you feel warm inside – the sunlight hits the world, ideas pop up, inspiration, other opinions get drawn into the circle.  It is the creative act, something resonates in me.

Conversations need hosting, nudging, teasing out so we can find new pathways through the snow, so something new will come forward – I see through a different lens.  I’ve dedicated my life to this, the act of hosting, really being present, having an exchange of wise speech, finding the jewels.

Making conversation, real listening into a deed.  Presence can make a difference on a bigger scale.  This question lives inside of me – all sorts of conversations can be meaningful when we share a space, deep honesty, and truth, both people understand and grow, have a reflection from the other mirror – each stepping into their own meaning.

What do I speak?  What do I create?  How can I be responsible in the right way?  I hear my own thoughts being voiced.  How can I carry my influence responsibly?  You can’t create this by yourself.  Something gets ignited that’s been in the shadow – what’s in the darkness can be overwhelming, but when you spark off each other, it can be a redefining moment of reality – the first step of bringing change.

I’m trembling with excitement from all the possibilities – I’m finding them all the time, they just happen, it’s so important to see and acknowledge each other – to find safety in the unknown – how to be the one who can really listen.  Energy comes from connecting with people – will I be able to open enough?

I can give and receive, pursuing the unknown, finding myself mattering into the world – making matter.  The third being is in the centre, is now here – the strength to create reality, the changing of ideas in every moment, looking for the safe room, a mutual understanding arise, something new comes in and stuckness drops away.   The synergistic organism comes to be, like a mother mirroring us back to who we are in this world, determining what we will create.

Such a privelege, a tribal intelligence is rising, endless potential, we can influence the quality.

Do I trust myself?  We are illuminating what’s invisible but present – let’s not get lost.  We have a platform, a roapmap back to the present, making it visible between us, touching a nerve in me – coming closer to who we are, every idea started with a conversation, a powerful effect spreads.

What is “important”?  This conversation can change me, my perspective, taking it to a new level.  It could happen in any moment, right here – conversation is essential, have it as good as possible – give it space, be creative and alive.  

My heart trembles.

Your presence is real, you become real to me.  I’m having a conversation with you in my head.  I hear how profoundly differently you see things, how deeply you feel it in your own way.  We are converging, creating meaning together, exercising muscles, letting go of ego.  That’s the act of creation, a place to emerge.

What excites me is that through speaking I get to know the emergence of what’s living here – unseen.  I can be present more constantly, I can be a host, be authentic wherever I am. 

Lean into listening, we’re being swayed by the current, check where you’re going.  What we really need is courage to say what needs to be said.  My heart is trembling here in the circle – I hope it will never stop – we touched each other, we change each other’s world.  We do it intentionally.  Any human content has the potential for collective consciousness.  It becomes matter, these conversations that matter.

What you said lives in me.

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