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On May 28, 2013 I was part of the conference design team for the second annual XYBOOM Conference held in Vancouver BC. The theme of the conference was "From Intergenerational Tension to Workplace Collaboration" and the intention was to facilitate intergenerational understanding and collaboration through dialogue, invite contributions from all generations in the workplace, and to create connectedness through a participatory, engaging experience.

The conference  agenda included two panels, a Collective Story Harvest, a Wisdom cafe then a short idea generating activity to harvest and celebrate the ideas that emerged throughout the day.

The conference team held the dream of producing a rich, multi-media harvest from what occurs throughout the conference day: note-taking, graphic recording, photography and videography to create the ultimate takeaway package that all participants will be able to apply to their own individual workplaces. We also wanted to include resources on some of the participatory processes we would be using so people can draw from them to host their own intergenerational conversations.

So to help make it happen we created a whole harvest plan - the questions we used to create the harvest plan are in this document

The harvest plan included:

  1. A post-confernece PDF Takeaway
  2. Website updates with sound bites, video, participant quotes, how-to guides for Live Case Studies and Wisdom Café processes (Live Case Studies was the advertised name for the Collective Story Harvest)
  3. Graphic Recording
  4. Videos including a time lapse, panel interviews and storyteller interviews
  5. Photography
  6. Social media (Twitter)

You can see the detailed harvest plan here. We had 5 general harvesters as 'theme catchers'. We had a welcome document (here is a draft) to help prepare them for their role. 

Fast forward and the end result is available here (too big of a file to load here due to the high print quality). 

The Storify - a twitter harvest tool - of the day is here XYBOOM 2013

A 1 minute timelapse of the day is here and photos are here



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Waauw! Great stuff!!!

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