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Do you know the approach of Simon Sinek “Start with Why”?

Don’t you think that it would be more convenient if the order was: Why, What, How?

Thank you for your input

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I have never heard of it Arturo; so I can't help...
Ok Ria, Thank you for your reply.
I created this conversation in "Harvests from AoH trainings" but it isn't any more there. Do you know why it doesn’t appears ?
This was a very important subject harvested in the AoH training in Madrid.
I think that it could generate a meaningful conversation.


Hi Arturo, actually it was me who changed the category to Questions meet Wisdom! Sorry, but I didn't understand that it came out of the AoH training in Madrid! (it is always good to write also about the context where your question is coming from) I guess this category is still the best for people to find it.

and I would suggest, if no answers comes in to post it on the AoH emaillist, maybe that will spark more answers. (Go to Resources -> AoH website -> stay connected)

Hi Arturo,

Thinking of your initial question (about the order in Why, How, What idea), I guess it could be both ways!

Perhaps it depends what kind of meaning is put behind each question.


As far as I remember in the example that Simon shares about Apple: Why is an innovative world that the company is working for, How is the approach / principle they choose to realise this purpose (e.g. through techonological developments), and What is a specific product that they produce (e.g. iPad). So in this example the How part answers the question - how do we deliver value? being a larger question than What, as What talks about products (or activities - in case of another company) which is the very end product of this purpose-driven chain.


I imagine, if we change the meaning of What and make it answer the question - "What is our approach, what do we do to fulfill the purpose" and then How as "How do we do this?" being a unique method or technology, then it could also make sense, but with a different meaning.


The "How" Simon uses here is larger than an action, program, product - is a unique way being followed to fulfill the purpose.


This is how I see it! Thank you - we just used this idea (Why, How, What) in our organisation recently to develop an organisational strategy and your question made me reflect back on the concept.



Great Ekaterina!

This helps me so much and arrives in a very good moment. This afternoon I am working on it. Now I see better the “How”…A unique way to fulfill the purpose!

I didn’t read yet the book of Simon, and your analysis has opened to me a deeper view of this wonderful approach from Simon.

You answered to my question! Thank you very much!

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